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Spirit, casting quality Jinjiang base "quality craftsmen plan" officially launched
Date:2016-11-21   Hit:   From:原创

Under the lead of group spirit, morning of August 25, 2016, jinjiang officially launched the craftsman quality plan, base on quality management division, production division, warehousing division, administrative division, more than 120 employees in the multi-function hall held a grand launching ceremony.

Start ceremony, jinjiang base total to qc division general manager CAI has carried on the action plan of the flag quality craftsmen, base after qc division and production division, warehousing division, administrative division managers for a quality craftsmen action on the stage.

Choi base quality craftsmen plan for the deployment and summary, to the next step of work instructions and requirements, ask for each department in the optimization of products, develop channels, to adapt to the new normal "under the guidance of thought, to strengthen the risk prevention, improve the quality guarantee, prudence seriously, earnest rigorous, focus, professional, patient, careful, sets up the firm faith, constantly improve product details, improve product quality, make spirit, manufacturing high quality fine products.