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Qinqin "Ai Lige" food blog style show
Date:2013-08-06   Hit:   From:Original

May 16, 2013,the Eleventh China (Luohe) Food Expo Central China Investment and Trade Expo eighth grand opening, 914 exhibiting companies like flowers are blooming, "kiss Ai Lige" the food Fair will undoubtedly become in a beautiful landscape.

Learned that in this food at Bo, "kiss Ai Lige" traditional promotional activities, to buy gifts kiss jelly waffles, attracted a lot of attention of consumers, "Yi Lige "waffle bright packaging is to let consumers themselves. After tasting many consumers praise, in which consumers buy a whole box of Ms. Lee, saying "Ai Lige" waffle than bread, cakes to eat a lot of chicken and soft texture and nutritional value high, all ages! "

The Food Fair is "Yi Lige" waffle explore Henan market has laid a good foundation, I believe, "Ai Lige" waffle will certainly QinQin into another peak!