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Heritage of the spirit of the craftsman, manufacturing quality products, to create a lean team
Date:2016-08-08   Hit:   From:原创
< p align = "the justify" > report from our correspondent correspondent Caroline wee reports for the implementation of "made in China 2025" programme of action, kiss in food & # 8220; Close close quality craftsmen plan & # 8221; The quality of the construction activities, and in Anton base classes begin on August 9, the next will be implemented deeply kiss each production base. Quality craftsmen plan & # 8220; Spirit & # 8221; As the core concept of production, to have faith of steadfast and careful, excellence, meticulous, patient focused and persistent, goal is to create the best quality products in the industry. To employee quality concept, consciousness and the cultural development of the enterprise, close close company for quality craftsmen plan training syllabus, culture idea, management, security law and other courses, aims to develop the employee's quality control ability, efficient practice management skill, quality safety and prevention of ability. < br > Quality first, customer first; Green development, people-oriented; Unity and progress, the structure is optimized. Kiss food always holds on the idea of this constant breakthroughs in the production, the & # 8220; The craftsman plan & # 8221; In the implementation of quality talent team in key position plan, further enhance the echelon personnel operating skills and field experience; Develop quality team activities, establish a learning professional quality team; Incentive & # 8220; Quality craftsmen plan & # 8221; Advanced organization or advanced individual, probes into the & # 8220; Close close quality craftsmen plan & # 8221; Good performance in the team or personnel incentives. < br > The length of the enterprise life is often determined by the product quality and service quality. In a modern society increasingly fierce competition in the ebb tide, if an enterprise want to rapid, stable and healthy development in addition to the ability to innovate, & # 8220; Spirit & # 8221; Is also essential. < br > Behind each of the one hundred - year - old legend, there are the unremitting efforts of several generations; Every brand creation process, contains numerous hard sweat craftsmen. Spirit is the precious spiritual wealth in this age, colorful life world, from the highest quality level. Do not let every detail, careful meticulous, able to do this, what is impossible? < / p >