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Training measures simultaneously, off-season frequently "practice internal strength"
Date:2016-03-02   Hit:   From:原创

Report from our correspondent in 2015, xiantao base using production off-season, take the initiative to contact the xiantao lurking, lurking by labor training center is responsible for contact and organize the wuhan institute of biological engineering, xiantao hospital and so on universities, professors, senior engineers, lecturer, came to xiantao base, management personnel, quality above for group controller, mechanic, warehouse controller for teaching.

Because of part-time teachers, noting that the generally high levels of concept of original, novel, lectures management.but, employees feel harvest is bigger, so is quite popular among employees. Good for off-season training this year, in the middle of June, base administrative division in internal conducted training needs survey, analysis, screening, and summarize the 10 more practical courses, to make a comprehensive training plan. In order to solve the problem of no external teacher, base lai always knock to labor lurking, director of the office, coordinate to solve this problem. Director think customised training programs by the enterprise, lurking outside the teacher to the enterprise to carry out the training of labor, the door-to-door service is the practice of company worker skills, and improve the created the xiantao employment training of the new train of thought, therefore very support. Not only designated deputy director zhou co-ordinate tracking, until the completion of the training course, also can use the organization development in the future the way to carry out the skill training of enterprise employees.

Training courses are mainly in the workplace and business etiquette, the food production process quality control technology, the manufacturing enterprise how to reasonably reduce cost, how to build high performance team, the professional ethics construction, the sunshine state of mind and executive force, employee relationship management, how to reduce staff turnover rate, how to maintenance and maintenance of production equipment, warehouse management and other 10 courses.

Xiantao base will continue to work closely with lurking, make full use of lurking training resources, to the staff's training work, improve the staff's professional quality and work skills, management level, make a greater contribution to QinQinDe development.