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To strengthen the risk prevention, improve the quality guarantee
Date:2016-03-02   Hit:   From:原创

Reporter - kiss company risk management comprehensive evaluation

Report from our correspondent The food to Ann first. Safety is the soul of food, also is the life of the enterprise. Kiss the company to "continue to offer safe, healthy, delicious food, happy" for the mission, with "people-oriented, quality first" as the guiding ideology, to "health and safety, customer satisfaction" as the policy goals, the method of "prevention first, continuous improvement" as the means, perfecting the system construction, strengthen risk prevention, improve the quality guarantee, to ensure product safety.

In 2015, kiss company comprehensive evaluation group in combination with the current situation, the basis of the comprehensive evaluation to carry out production operations, to the quality management system, food safety management system and HACCP system as the core, with an emphasis on risk management on the base of the system, comprehensive, in-depth and detailed risk management evaluation.

The assessment from the manager responsibilities, management mechanism construction, implementation, management, communication and the exchange, risk protection, management review, from seven aspects, such as management evaluation on the base of general manager, administrative division and production division, quality management division, division of supply chain and other departments, to ask, a record to view, sits in a way that the omni-directional, the whole process of systematic review. Further implement the management responsibility, enhance the consciousness of risk management, improve the risk prevention and control system, verify the ability of risk management, strengthen risk prevention effect, improve the ability of quality guarantee.

Attaches great importance to the assessment, the base, actively participate in, the careful preparation, the implementation of the management responsibilities. All base system running in good condition, those responsible for risk prevention consciousness strongly, work in place, analysis, comprehensive and detailed sound, control effectively, the system files, the management system, operation process and operation specification, control method, the target quantification, responsibility, implement, implement tracking, improve validation, do risk management of knowable, measured, controlled, determined. At the same time, the excellent base to improve the process method, made a lot of innovation to improve the scheme, in order to improve efficiency, ensuring the quality has made a strong guarantee.

2015-2016 food safety risk management comprehensive evaluation result is: the luo river base level, the good base for fushun, xiantao, Anton base get good grade, jinjiang base, taian base level standard.

Attaches great importance to the assessment President, he asked after comparison on two especially headquarters base is driven with the appraisal, variable pressure, positive improvement, strive to enter the top in the next competition.