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The human resources department organization headquarters in the winter of 2015 tigers camp training
Date:2016-03-02   Hit:   From:原创

Report from our correspondent in the middle of December, 2015, sponsored by the hr department and production operations in 2015 kiss tiger camp JiXunBan production has successfully ended. The training is the main object of jinjiang, Anton base production management at the grass-roots level, through the military training, the development of tour, outdoor, case discussion and so on, the theoretical knowledge to the students physical quality and culture for a complete ascension.

During the training, the company internal training from the personnel assignment and the work assignment, the TTT primary, PMC primary, spare parts selection, the quality concept and consciousness, the production process, such as curriculum, systematically introduces the as a workshop at the grass-roots level of knowledge management. In addition, the students also learned 6 s on-site management courses. By visiting learning heng sanitary napkin manufacturing workshop 6 s management field, serious thinking, actively explore, and 6 s diagnosis to base production workshop. After the study and practice of 6 s, the students more fully understand the meaning of 6 s improvement of production area. Especially in the later work, should start from details, safeguarding the good scene of sorting, reorganization, cleaning, cleaning work, continue to shape to improve the health, create a safe production environment.

Staff is enterprise's blood, staff development is the foundation of enterprise development. Believe that to participate in the training of colleagues can apply what they have learned to practical work, improve and challenge themselves. Make yourself and kiss the company grow together, create bright.