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Supply chain organization supplier lecture sessions, promote the quality of raw materials
Date:2016-03-02   Hit:   From:原创

Report from our correspondent on December 9, 2015, 14 PM kiss company headquarters in supply chain department invited the world's largest Danish Hansen natural pigment production and sales in the China office of Hansen (tianjin) food additives co., LTD., Shanghai branch sales director zhu total von manager and regional sales Cao Jingli global technology center, for us to introduce the types and the alternative methods of natural pigment. The company attendees have sg department receive the total and related r&d engineers, head of supply chain. Lectures, zhu always introduce the history of the Hansen, the kinds of natural pigments and formulas in different products and different environment conditions needed for the improvement of natural pigment technology, also specially introduced the applications of natural pigment in the field of baking and color preserving observation test. Later, the two sides of the problem of natural pigment in the communication.

Was always the first several thank Hansen, director of travelling for the company, give a lecture, then kiss is introduced in the paper the situation of the company: each category products including jelly, puffing, baking, sauce, candy, the use of some natural pigments gradually, in the future will gradually increase the application of natural pigment; Some problems in the application process, need pigment company technical support. Always puts forward, jelly in application process of natural pigments, appear easily fade no light save, some problems such as high-end jelly each other up and down double penetration. Sg department manager li also suggested that in the expanded application process, through some processes, such as high Fried cannot achieve the stability of pigment. Sg department other engineers are the source of natural pigments, production process, the factors that may affect and pigment test method to Hansen von manager consult technical center. The entire discussion for more than two hours.

Finally be always made a brief summary and recent need Hansen technical support to the project content, and thank you again for each other, hope in the future both sides can communicate more similar to the lecture.