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Quanzhou beverage industry into a new economic growth point
Date:2013-08-26   Hit:   From:From the network

Fujian food companies Information Network Source: Chinese food safety nets Qin Yan

WASHINGTON Recently, Quanzhou Food Industry Association was informed from the first half, the city's food and beverage industry enterprises above designated size industrial added value totaled 6.735 billion yuan , an increase of 17.2% , the sales value of 27.69 billion yuan , sales rate of 97.9% . Industrial output value of enterprises above designated size amounted to 28.284 billion yuan .
"In the food industry in the country , the city dominated by snack foods , candy , puffed food occupies the largest market share, confectionery industry production accounts for about 20% of the province 's 96%. Snack food industry has become the city 's main competitive advantages of food products . Meanwhile, the situation in the first half of this year , drinks increase significantly. "According to Quanzhou Food Industry Association , responsible person , following and its positive , the leading beverage companies launch new brands this year, Dali Le Tiger , and new entrants into the food and beverage sector of AD , Crayon food also performed well , the introduction of herbal tea , complex protein drinks and other functional products , the market has been welcomed . Expected future will become the leading food and beverage sector industry a new growth point .